About Nina Zabal

Whatever you do, Do it Heartily

I first started working with polymer clay in 2008 and I continue to uncover its infinite potential. It has been important for me to produce weekly collections as an integral part of my overall process. It not only helps me refine my technique, but it puts into action a constant exploration of color, textures and design. My inspiration draws from art, fashion, and interior design.

Part of my work has also been to elevate polymer clay as I believe it is often overlooked as an inferior material, quite undervalued. Throughout the years I have purposefully paired it with gemstones, gold foil, glass, or metals to create a juxtaposition where what really matters in the end is the visual value of the piece, the technique and attention to detail, and the overall worth of the handmade work.

Every one-of-kind piece is crafted in Richmond, Virginia. Find the Heartily collection locally and online.

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