About Nina Zabal

How things happened

You know how some things save your life? Well, sewing saved mine. I was in a really sad season of my life and sewing a quilt literally pulled me out of darkness. Mind you, I had never used a machine (although I had one) and I was just too scared to use it. But I'm a maker, and I had to make something to feel happy again. Most of you feel the same way, making (or in this case sewing) is your happy place. Fast forward and a few years later I became a mom and I wanted to sew for my little babe and so the addiction to buying cute fabric started. You know exactly what I'm talking about! Finding cute knit fabrics sometimes is impossible, even more so great quality designs and materials. I'm a designer with more than 10 years experience so I decided to create my own collection.


About ME

I'm Cinthya (my family calls me Nina), a 30 something designer, artist and maker. Wife to a photo, video, computer and financial nerd and mom to two amazing and magical baby girls. Most of my day is spent between my business, parenting with my hubs and cooking delicious meals. I might throw you a quick recipe or two on my blog. That means more time for you to sew! Come on and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest .